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In this series, we present data on entries concerning main political parties in Poland.

  1. Law and Justice was the most commented party on Polish social media last week (July 21-27). The peak of entries on July 22 was related to the activity of Prime Minister Morawiecki - a speech in the Sejm and a meeting with residents in Działdowo. While the peak of comments on July 24 can be attributed to Jarosław Kaczyński and his meetings with voters.

  2. The second most commented political formation was the Civic Platform, where the most popular were Donald Tusk, Borys Budka, and Marcin Kierwiński. The increase in the number of entries on July 22 was partially due to the publication of a poll that gave this party an advantage over the ruling party.

  3. July 26-27 is an increase in the number of entries related to United Poland in connection with the activity of Zbigniew Ziobro and Patryk Jaki in judicial and energy matters.

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