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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Last week (August 16-22), Andrzej Duda and Wladimir Putin remained the most popular politicians - amongst those active on the international stage - on the Internet in Poland.

  1. Putin was referred to mostly due to the attack in which Dugin's daughter was killed on August 20. He was mentioned in narratives blaming different actors for this death - from "Ukraine and U.S. may be behind the attack" to "Russians are responsible for the murder of Daria Dugin".

  2. President Duda was commented in narratives concerning aid for Ukrainian refugees. Peak on August 16 - i.e. echoes of the tribute paid to the soldiers of the Ukrainian People's Republic, who in 1920 fought alongside the soldiers of the Polish Army against the Bolsheviks.

  3. Chancellor Scholz appeared mainly in the context of ban on visas for Russians which are now largely discussed in EU .

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