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  1. Last week (25 July - 1 August) Andrzej Duda remained the most often mentioned head of state on the Polish Internet as a consequence of his activity in the international arena (i.e. call with President Xi Jinping, meeting with President Zelensky). Peak of interest was on August 1 due to the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Often there were voices aimed at Polish-Ukrainian relations, recalling the participation of Ukrainians in suppressing the uprising on the side of Nazi Germany (narratives i.e. “Ukrainians are murderers of Poles”, “Ukrainians are Nazis” or “Ukrainians privileged at the expense of Poles”).

  2. During this period, Putin was referred to mainly in the context of Russian crimes committed in Ukraine, in particular killing of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the so-called filter camp in Ołenivka.

  3. The most popular entries related to President Biden concerned his call with the Chinese leader. On the other hand, Internet users commented on him being infected with covid despite multiple vaccination.

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