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In this series we present data on entries concerning main political parties in Poland.

Last week, there was a peak of Internet users activity regarding political parties on July 2 due to the Civic Platform’s convention organized on Saturday.

  1. During this period, the vast majority of entries concerning Polish political parties was referring to the Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość), mainly in response to the convention of Civic Platform. Also, in the context of i.e. building a wall on the border with Belarus or Poland's National Recovery Plan.

  2. Also a peak of entries referring to Civic Platform results from the speech of Donald Tusk during the convention. Moreover, Platform’s leader appeared in entries and news i.e. due to his comments on the NATO summit.

  3. Last week, the third most popular party on the Polish Web was the Confederation (Konfederacja) - mainly entries on the topic of election rights for refugees from Ukraine or in the context of the interview with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany.

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