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  1. Last week, January 17-23, Vladimir Putin was the most commented head of state in Polish social media in different contexts, ranging from war crimes in Ukraine to economic problems in Poland. In this period, a narrative on partition of Ukraine was once again brought up and strongly spreaded in social media in Poland.

  2. President Duda was still broadly referred to after his speech in Davos which was manipulated and used as a starting point for disinformation around Polish security/support for Ukraine.

  3. Chancellor Scholz gained attention of Polish social media users in the context of Rammstein summit and the question of handing over Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This fueled many disinformation threads aimed at Germany and Polish-German relations.

  4. Disinformation about President Zelenski during this period focused on discrediting his position by portraying him as a drug addict and former comedian.

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