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Analysis of messages regarding key Polish and global politicians published in social media in Poland.

  1. In the analyzed period (2 - 9 August), the greatest number of comments concerned Polish President Andrzej Duda and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The other analyzed politicians enjoyed less interest.

  2. Comments on Duda peaked on August 6 due to the tragic accident of the Polish bus in Croatia.

  3. Putin, on the other hand, maintained regular high popularity among Internet users being referred to mostly as war criminal and in the context of the energy crisis in Europe.

  4. The increase in entries about the President of Ukraine on August 8 was the result of the attack on Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. Zelensky appeared also in a negative light, in narratives i.e. Ukraine is a corrupt country ruled by oligarchs or Lies of the Ukrainians.

  5. Joe Biden noted an increase in the interest of Polish internet users on August 8 after Roger Waters from Pink Floyd called him ‘war criminal’.

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